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How do you get the most out of your ceramic pan?

Pans with a ceramic non-stick coating are very easy to use. You only need a minimal amount of oil or butter and even then you hardly run the risk of burning food. But it does not mean these pans are completely maintenance-free. That is why we’ve got a few tips for you.

Cleaning a ceramic pan after using it: the invisible proteins

Sometimes with cooking demonstrations, people show that cleaning these pans is so easy you will only need a piece of kitchen paper. Fun for TV, but you do need a little more effort to clean it properly! The pan will look clean perhaps, but does need a little extra care to keep the ceramic layer in good shape.

Why do you need to clean a ceramic pan properly?

It basically has to do with proteins. Barely visible to the naked eye, but there will always be a small leftover protein residue on the ceramic coating. When you don’t remove it and use the pan again the next day, you’ll bake the protein into the ceramic coating making it more difficult to remove. When you don’t clean it again properly, you’ll bake an extra layer on top of it. It will build up gradually, until you notice the non-stick coating not working as well as it used to.

At first you won’t see the dirt build up, but after a while a brown layer will form which you can’t remove with soapy water and a brush. Therefore, after use show a little TLC to your pans so you can use them time and again.

Cleaning a dirty pan

Should you have a layer of dirt inside your pan, there is no man overboard! There are two methods you can use.

Boiling with an acidic product

The layer will easily be removed with an acidic product. Pour a little layer of vinegar inside it and place the pan over heat for about an hour. Not too high heat because you don’t want it to boil or cook dry. Afterwards, scrub it clean with a brush or scouring pad. You’ll have a clean pan again, but it will smell a little like vinegar at first.

Using an abrasive

A ceramic non-stick coating is a lot harder than the old fashioned layers of non-stick teflon. The big advantage is that you can clean your ceramic pan with an abrasive (like Cif) without damaging the layer. Don’t use steel wool, but a scouring pad with a little Cif will do the trick for you. This way you can clean it again and bake like new!