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The use of a mandolin

Save time and effort by using a mandolin. Want to know how?

Mandolines are back by popular demand! This handy kitchen tool that was already used in Grandma's kitchen is totally hot again, and not without reason! Cutting with a mandolin is easy, fast and enables you to, very smoothly, cut large amounts of fruit and vegetables. Unlike a regular food processor, mandolines are easy to clean!

Curious about the possibilities?

Cutting with a mandoline in three simple steps:

1. Choose the correct blades

First of all, it is important to determine which blades you want to use. Choosing the right cutting blades depends on the shape which you want to cut and of course, the different options which the mandolin has to offer. With different shapes we mean for example, cutting into strips, cubes or the ' en julienne'.

2. Adjusting the height

When using a mandolin, it is important to set the cutting height correctly. This height determines the thickness in which the vegetable or fruit is cut.

3. Cutting

Is the mandolin set up properly? Then it's time for cutting. Most mandolines come with a special 'cutting cap'. You use this to move your vegetable on the mandolin so you can cut quickly and safely. Then, rapidly slices, cubes or strips of the same size are cut. For example, for in a delicious salad!

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