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Zwilling Four Star versus Zwilling Four Star II

Zwilling has two series, with almost exactly the same name. Four Star and Four Star II. But what are the differences between these two series? Let's get into it!

Zwilling Four Star

The Zwillling Four Star series is one of the most popular kitchen knife series in the world. Professional chefs were consulted when creating the design. This series came on the market in 1967, and is still relevant to this day. The blades of these knives are made from ice-hardened Friodur steel. The blades have been sharpened with laser precision, which results in a razor-sharp finish along the entire length of the blade. The handles are made from high quality plastic, so the knives are water, heat, and shock resistant. The plastic is seamlessly joined to the bolster. Very hygienic. Additionally, the handle feels great in hand, thanks to its round shape.

Zwilling Four Star II

With the Zwilling Four Star II, the success of the previously released Four Star series continues, with some subtle enhancements. The blade is made of the same metal, and sharpened with laser precision. This is also what makes the knives in the Four Star II series razor-sharp. The handle is made of high quality plastic and has the same shape as the Four Star series. It feels great in hand thanks to its round shape. What's new in this series is the metal cap at the end of the handle. The back of the handle has a laser engraved Zwilling logo. This means that the steel of the blade extends all the way to the end of the handle. As such, the whole is not only rock solid, it also provides you with optimal balance.

The differences

All things considered, there aren't actually that many differences between the two Zwilling series. The material that makes up the knives is exactly the same. Both series use the same type of steel, so the knives in the series have the same hardness at 57 HRC. Looking at the handle, you don't really see a difference besides the metal cap at the end of the handle.

However, when comparing the specifications of the Chef's knives 20 cm of the Four Star and the Four Star II series, we do notice one big difference. The Chef's knife 20 cm of the Four Star weighs 195 g, and the Chef's knife 20 cm of the Four Star II weighs 230 g. The weight difference is due to the steel that extends all the way to the end of the handle in the Four Star II series. This is the reason for the price difference. The knives in the Four Star series are a bit more affordable than the Four Star II series.

The conclusion?

All in all, there are not many differences between the Four Star and the Four Star II series. Mostly, you should consider which series you like the best aesthetically! The Four Star II has a fancier feel to it because of the metal back of the handle. Is balance important to you? Then the Four Star II will be a better fit for you. However, the Four Star series has a larger selection to choose from, and is a bit more affordable. Both series are available on Knivesandtools.