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What is the best electric sharpener?

Sharpening your knives with electric sharpeners comes with advantages. These sharpening machines are often easy to use, have a fixed sharpening angle and work incredibly fast. But which electric sharpener will suit you best? That depends on multiple important factors.

The function of professional electric knife sharpeners

Knife sharpening machines come in many shapes and sizes. There are, for instance, electric pull-through sharpeners. These type of sharpeners are a part of the electric sharpeners category, but work differently. Which machine will suit you best depends on what you wish to sharpen.

Chef's Choice electric knife sharpeners

The Chef's Choice sharpening machines are great to sharpen knives and the most simple, yet effective solution. All you have to do is pull your knives through the slots from the heel to the tip a couple of times. Because the angle is set, you can't go wrong here.

The slots are enhanced with rotating diamond-coated and/or ceramic sharpening discs, alongside which you move your knife. A two-stage sharpener is often enhanced with a disc with a coarse and medium-fine grain. If the sharpening machine has three stages, it will have a coarse, medium and fine stone.

The Chef'sChoice CC120

With the electric knife sharpeners from Chef's Choice you basically only sharpen knives. Are you looking for a sharpening machine you can also use to sharpen scissors, chisels or other tools? If so there are also other options!

Best choice: Work Sharp knife sharpeners

Are you looking for a device you can use to sharpen almost anything? If so the Work Sharp electric sharpeners are exactly what you are looking for. Especially the advanced Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition is incredibly popular. You can use it while holding it in hand or you can secure it on a table. Securing it is especially practical when you want to sharpen large and heavy tools such as axes.

These types of machines are also practical because they give your knives a convex edge. These types of edges are stronger than the traditional V-edge and retain their sharpness a lot longer. With the Work Sharp sharpeners you sharpen knives, axes, chisels, scissors and even serrated knives!

The Work Sharp Multi Sharpener, Ken Onion Edition

Conclusion: an electric knife sharpener for everyone

We can conclude by saying that there is an electric sharpening machine perfect for everyone. Do you want to sharpen your kitchen knives? If so a Chef's Choice is a quick and effective solution. Do you have a shed filled with tools you wish to keep sharp, but do require you to use different sharpening angles? If so it is best if you consider a Work Sharp knife sharpener.