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Binoculars for hiking and outdoor purposes

The outdoor binoculars suitable for all-round use must be as versatile as possible. We have simple criteria: an average enlargement factor of 8 x or 10 x, water tight, and not too heavy.

For all-round use you want light binoculars that you can transport easily and carry at all times. Because you don't know what you will encounter and when, it makes sense for your all-round binoculars to be (splash) water tight.

8 x enlargement is often chosen by beginning binocular users for all-round use, over a 10 x enlargement. It is easier to obtain a steady image with a slightly smaller enlargement. That also prevents dizziness when looking through binoculars. Experienced users of course can benefit from a larger 10 x enlargement. Of course, the better the binoculars, the finer. Our own Eden Quality binoculars show that you hardly have to make any concessions on quality and still pay an attractive price.

In the land of the blind… the monocular

Although it is not the first thing you think about a monocular is extremely practical. Those 'half binoculars' of course are a strong compromise. Many people opt for a monocular for their low weight, very compact size and good performance. For many outdoor enthusiasts a monocular is standard equipment in their backpack.