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Buying guide bushcraft saws: which size saw do I need?

When you go out for a hike and take your saw with you, of course, you'll want it to be light-weight and compact. The exact specifications you'll need, depend on what you'll use the saw for. Will you take it with you during a three-day hike? Or will you enter the woods and use it for bushcraft purposes? It can be quite tricky choosing the right saw for bushcraft or outdoor purposes. With this buying guide for bushcraft saws, we will help you make the right choice!

A small bushcraft saw

When you go hiking or do not have a lot of room to take a lot with you, a small saw is the perfect solution. Compact and easy to take with you. Disadvantage: it takes more energy to saw through branches. You namely need a lot more movement to get through them. Small saws are saws with a closed length of approx. 9 up to 27 cm.

A medium bushcraft saw

Looking for the ease of a larger saw, but don't want to compromise too much when it comes to weight and size? If so a medium-sized saw will be the answer! These saws often still fit inside your backpack or can easily be attached to your belt in a sheath. In addition, they are still more efficiently to work with than a small saw. Medium-sized saws are saws with a closed length between 27 and 45 cm.

A large bushcraft saw

Doesn't matter how big or heavy your saw is? If so, go with a large saw. These larger folding saws are not as easy to transport, but cutting through large branches or trunks will be child's play. Also, you work more efficiently. When we say large saws we mean saws with a closed length of at least 45 cm.

All saws

Do you prefer to check out all our saws? This is, of course, also an option. Here you will find all our saws. From small to large. Tip: use the filters for the right selection.