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Buyers guide: how do you choose a gentleman’s knife?

Gentleman’s knives complete your outfit. In addition to peeling an apple and opening a letter you can also use a gentleman’s knife to make a statement. Like a beautiful watch a gentleman’s knife represents who you are what you want to convey. But how do you choose the best gentleman’s knife for your purpose? Knivesandtools loves to explain.

What is a gentleman's knife?

When you talk about a gentleman’s knife you, in general, talk about a pocket knife with a luxurious and chic look and feel. A gentleman’s knife is often a little smaller, even though it doesn’t have to be. Gentleman’s knives are available in many different price ranges, even though you will mostly find the good stuff in the higher price ranges. The name gentleman’s knife might make you think that this knife cannot be used by ladies, but that is of course not the case. After all, a gentleman’s knife will also look great in the average ladies handbag.

Gentleman’s knives: our selection

In our range you will find hundreds of gentleman’s knives. It is impossible to discuss each of them individually. For that reason we decided to highlight a couple categories. As such you can choose a category that speaks to you most, and within that category you can make your own choice.

Japanese gentleman's knives

In the land of the rising sun they know what looks good. Japanese knives often have stunning finishes and are razor-sharp. The Japanese specialty of forging Damasteel is also something you often come across.

Mcusta gentleman's knives
Moki gentleman's knives


When you think of Japanese gentleman’s knives you often find yourself looking at Mcusta. An optimal price-quality ratio and eccentric designs make Mcusta a desirable gentleman’s knife brand. A fun little details is the fact that attention is paid to the stunningly woven storage cases.


When it concerns Japanese pocket knives Moki has built quite the reputation. Especially the infallible eye for details stands out. But also the difference in size: Moki will produce anything from teeny tiny knives that can be used as a pendant around your neck, to medium-sized gentleman’s knives.

French gentleman's knives

In France there is a rich tradition when it comes to making knives. Especially in the knife capital of Thiers, but let’s not forget about Laguiole!


Laguiole knives are just about the Burgundian embodiment of the gentleman’s knife. These knives are perfect for cutting a piece of steak. In some restaurants in the Aubrac you are often not even given a steak knife as guests often bring their own. Unfortunately Laguiole knives are often copied. Fortunately you can count on us to sell the real quality brands: Forge de Laguiole, Fontenille Pataud and Laguiole en Aubrac.

More than only Laguiole

In addition to those famous Laguiole knives Fontenille Pataud also produces amazing gentleman’s knives. Think of the classic Le Thiers model, or The Corsican. All made by hand in Thiers by dedicated experts.

Italian gentleman's knives

When it comes to flair and style Italy is, of course, in the lead. Especially when we talk about gentleman’s knives. Characterizing about Italian knives is that all edges are curved, except for the edge. As a result the Italian knives feel great in hand.

Viper Dan Wood

One of the other beloved Italian models is the Viper Dan. A one-handed opening gentleman’s knife with a slipjoint lock. In addition to models made from micarta and G10 a couple of amazing versions were introduced in 2018 with stunning wooden handles. Stylish and practical gentleman’s knives. What more could you possibly ask for?

Gentleman’s knife for heavy-duty tasks

Each gentleman’s knife can open letters and peal apples. Or remove a thread of your shirt or cut into a nice piece of steak is easy with gentleman’s knives. Do you often cut up pieces of cardboard? Or do you regularly open those hard plastic blister boxes? If you do you will start to notice that this can affect your knife. A delicate and thin gentleman’s knife might therefore not be the best choice.

Grailer 1

A gentleman’s knife doesn’t get more robust than the Grailer 1. With a blade thickness of 4 mm this knife can definitely handle its own. The M390 steel is hard and retains its sharpness well. The versions with the different inlays each have their own personality. From tough-chic to classic. Designed in the Netherlands and made in Italy.

Budget-friendly gentleman’s knives

In order to be a gentleman you don’t need to have lots of money. There are namely also beautiful gentleman’s knives for great prices.

From top to bottom: Buck Graduate, Higonokami, Eden 102

Eden 102

You probably didn’t expect it could be this affordable in this gentleman’s knife overview. The Eden 102, however, is, in terms of size and look and feel a real gentleman’s knife. Granted: there are a lot nicer knives featured in this article. Better ones even, but those cost almost double of what the Eden 102 costs.


A real classic is always great, regardless of the price. The Higonokami could also have been a part of the Japanese knives category, but because of the great prices they are also suitable as a budget option.

Buck 328 Graduate

From the catalogue of the American knife giant Buck comes the Buck 328 Graduate. A wonderful knife for a great price. With a one-handed opening, linerlock and wooden handle. What more could you possibly ask for?


Other popular gentleman’s knives are the Traditionals. It is the collective name for a group of classic knives that are produced in the same way for dozens of years. They are often even known as ‘grandpa knives’ because they look like the knives your grandfather used to own. Traditionals come in many different shapes and sizes and are made by different manufacturers. We have an ever-expanding collection of Traditionals in stock.

Knivesandtools's suggestions

Of course there are a couple gentleman’s knives that are our absolute favourites. Not always easy to categorize, but amazing enough to mention them here. For that reason we have listed a couple of our favourites.

The James Brand

At James they do things slightly different. And that is great. They produce different models of which the Chapter and Elko are the best gentleman’s knives. Unique knives for the creative gentleman.

Spyderco Chaparral

Light-weight with a thin and razor-sharp blade: the Chaparral is an amazing knife to use. Made in the excellent Taichung Spyderco factory in Taiwan. This production facility is known for its amazing production quality. 


As you can see there is a perfect gentleman's knife for everyone. Need more help selecting the right one? We have selected a top-10 gentleman's knives. In addition, we have a complete overview of hundreds of gentleman's knives.