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Laguiole knives: art the size of a pocket knife

Laguiole is the place in France where Laguiole knives and Laguiole pocket knives are made. The knives were traditionally made for shepherds and local farmers. That’s why traditional and natural materials can be found in the splendid Laguiole folding knives.

You can also buy various Laguiole kitchen knives and table knives. Laguiole has become the generic name of the knives and those knives are only made by a small number of knife makers.

How do you recognise a Laguiole pocket knife?

The Laguiole knives have a typical shape and are hand crafted. Of course there also are fake Laguiole knives or non-traditional Laguiole knives. You recognise those from their bright colours and too modern influences. The standard Laguiole pocket knives are slightly longer and narrower than a normal pocket knife. Half of the Laguiole pocket knife looks like a woman’s leg. The knives have the little axe, which is an element of the steel mechanism that opens and closes the Laguiole folding knife. A number of Laguiole pocket knives also have a block in the mechanism. Laguiole knives must be very sharp and have natural materials in the handle. With some wood types you can really smell the wood. Many French men have their personal Laguiole knife as a gentleman’s knife.

The name Laguiole

The name Laguiole has a long and beautiful history. You buy a Laguiole pocket knife also for the tradition and the extremely high quality. At least, if you buy the knife from reputable knife makers. Laguiole is not officially protected and is also not a deposited trademark. That means a lot of bad quality and fakes find their way onto the market, to the great frustration of the ‘Laguiole brand. Knivesandtools stock the Forge de Laguiole and Fontenille Pataud. Both are real traditional Laguiole knife brands who make their product with traditional methods and a lot of care. The knives are very functional and really superbly finished. Laguiole folding knives are hand crafted and are a real asset when you want to buy a pocket knife.


Laguiole knives: How do you recognize a counterfeit?

There are many misunderstandings about Laguiole knives. Is it a brand? When is a knife a true Laguiole knife? And why does one sell them for €400 a piece while elsewhere you can get a set of six knives for just ten pounds? At knivesandtools you always buy an original