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EDC-knives: the perfect everyday companion

EDC stands for: 'Every Day Carry' knives. As the name indicates the pocket knives in this category are very practical and functional knives. The size of these knives is reduced which makes them easy to carry.

But they are still large enough for full use in the most diverse tasks. The price of the functional everyday knives is usually not too high. And as you are used from knivesandtools.co.uk we only sell super quality knives.

The material of the EDC knives

Because these pocket knives are used daily, we chose quality materials while considering the price. Handles are for example made of Zytel or G10: extremely durable materials without making the knives too expensive. The used steel types can vary. In general, not too unusual steel types will be used. A good compromise between toughness, brittleness, corrosion resistance and price is a must. Obviously there is some overlap between the various knife categories. What is a perfect knife for daily use to one person, is a much too large pocket knife to another.


Which EDC-pocket knife should I purchase?

EDC-knives are the pocket knives we sell the most. We have over 2000 of them! Great, however, with so many of them making the right choice could be a little more difficult. For that reason we have a couple tips and suggestions to make the right choice.