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ESEE Knives


ESEE Knives: survival knives shaped by reality

ESEE Knives Logo

ESEE Knives produces survival knives you can rely on. No complex history but simply people asking for a great knife after which one was produced. And another. And another. Within a couple of years ESEE built up quite the reputation. No-nonsense survival knives and bushcraft knives. Tested and used all over the world.

ESEE Knives: born in the Amazon jungle

At ESEE they love to say that their knives were born in the Amazon jungle. Ever since the nineties the men and women at Randall’s Adventure & Training school teach survival techniques in Mid and South America. Each time, however, they learned that the knives they bought couldn’t keep up with the intensive use. As a result they decided to take matters into their own hands and produce a knife themselves. Soon the forerunners of the current ESEE knives were born and not long after ESEE Knives first saw the light of day.

The strengths of a strong knife brand

Heat treatments and craftsmanship

ESEE Knives doesn’t automatically choose the seemingly best specifications. So no extremely high hardness (HRC) values because extremely hard types of steel break easily and are more difficult to maintain.  The common choice for 1095 carbon steel is also a practical one. Although the heightened corrosion sensitivity is considered a disadvantage by many, the advantages for ESEE Knives are a lot bigger. It is easy to sharpen and maintain and the strength is phenomenal. More important than a small speck of rust that can also be prevented by properly taking care of it. The coating also ensures that many models are protected against rust. And the thing you can’t spot in the specifications is the craftsmanship. The heat treatment of the steel is key for the final properties. ESEE Knives has mastered this process like no other. As a result the steel will not break easily. You can, of course, destroy any type of knife if you try hard enough, but in reality an ESEE Knife will not let you down.

ESEE’s famous lifelong guarantee

ESEE Knives believes that a knife should be reliable for everyone. So if you have a problem they won’t be bothered by the fact that you have lost the receipt. If you have a problem as a user ESEE Knives will solve it! Even if you are the tenth person to own that product. Only manufacturers who are sure about what they sell are not afraid to offer this type of guarantee. 

At Knivesandtools you will only find the original ESEE Knives.

The name and quality of ESEE Knives is so high that many copies are made that do not resemble the originals in terms of quality. Of course Knivesandtools only sells the original ESEE Knives.

ESEE Buyers Guide

Which ESEE knife is the right one for me?