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Benchmade knives, not just any pocket knife


Benchmade knives are made to be used on a daily basis. From professionals who rely on it with their life to enthusiasts who use it for daily tasks. Each Benchmade knife is produced in the United States by experts. Whether you peel an apple or open a box on a daily basis, if you are there for others as a professional or simply love knives: Benchmade produces knives for you!

Benchmade Axis Lock

The Axis lock is perhaps the most famous Benchmade invention to date. A solid lock which can be controlled from both sides of the handle. Many have copied this lock, few succeeded.  The Axis lock is the preferred lock by left-handed users and turns almost all Benchmade knives into a friend to all.

History of Benchmade Knife Company

The basis for Benchmade was laid in California as early as 1979. Founder Les de Asia started with the production of butterfly knives. You still see this when you look at the Benchmade logo: the famous butterfly. Throughout the years Benchmade has always been a pioneer. In terms of scaling up production, new types of steel and new materials for handles. 

Benchmade Classes

Benchmade produces knives in different classes: Blue Class for daily use for everyone. Black Class for demanding professionals. Hunt Class for hunters and Gold Class for collectors who are looking for the best. When you look at the colours of the boxes you can see which class the knife belongs to.


Benchmade Buying Guide

For years Benchmade has been producing amazing knives in the United states. With such an massive range it could be tricky making the right choice. That is why we will help you find the perfect Benchmade knife!