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Benchmade Hunt Class: the perfect knife for hunters in the field

Benchmade Hunt Class knives are designed for hunters. This Class consists of hunting knives suitable for both gutting game and carrying out different bushcraft tasks. A characteristic feature of these knives is the use of natural materials like wood and orange colours, so you can easily find the knife in nature. Knives from the Hunt Class line are lightweight, so they won't bother you when you're already weighed down by your hunting gear.

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Benchmade Hunt Class features

In this Class, you will find pocket knives like the Crooked River and Taggedout for outdoor use, as well as fixed-blade knives like the MeatCrafter for processing game. The fact that these knives are intended to be used for hunting purposes is reflected in the use of materials and special features.

Hunt Class blades

Within the Hunt Class line you will find robust steel types that can take a beating, such as CPM S30V and CPM S90V. There are also steels such as CPM S45VN and CPM MagnaCut that are very corrosion resistant and can be sharpened to a razor-sharp edge.

Hunt Class handles

Above all else, the handles of the knives in this Class need to be grippy in all conditions. This comes in handy when you are gutting game but also when it's raining. Many of the knives in the Hunt Class are made from natural materials like wood, a nod to the traditional hunting knives of yesteryear.

Hunt Class orange colours

The orange colour palette of these knives stands out. This colour was chosen to make the knives stand out in nature, both in green foliage and during twilight.

Benchmade knives: made in the USA

Benchmade knives are produced in the United States. High-end techniques, modern materials and motivated employees produce amazing knives for enthusiasts and professionals on a daily basis. From hunters to military personnel: everyone will find the perfect knife at Benchmade.