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Benchmade Mini Bugout pocket knife: small yet super-functional pocket knives

The Benchmade Mini Bugout is smaller than the standard Bugout, but no less functional. Benchmade's Bugout knives are very lightweight. You rarely come across knives that are so light yet still so functional. Originally Benchmade designed the Bugout as a pocket knife for hikers. People who spend time in the mountains and pay attention to every gram. A great pocket knife during the picnic after reaching the top, or to cut a featherstick to start a fire. Soon, however, EDC enthusiasts discovered the qualities of the Bugout.

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Features of the Benchmade Mini Bugout

Benchmade Mini Bugout knives are great EDC knives, made to perform optimally for everyday use. This is reflected in the use of materials and their features.

Benchmade Mini Bugout blade

The blade of the Mini Bugout has a very thin grind. Perfect when peeling an apple or opening a box. The blade is made from CPM S30V, a stainless steel that retains its sharpness very well. It is also easy to sharpen. For demanding users, there are premium versions with other steel types.

Benchmade Mini Bugout handle

Most of the handles in this collection are made from Grivory. A light-weight type of plastic that is remarkably strong for its weight. Premium versions feature handle materials such as carbon fibre, which is still lightweight. It Mini Bugout is enhanced with a short deep-carry pocket clip. Less steel means less weight! Clever!

Benchmade Axis lock

The Axis lock is perhaps the most famous Benchmade invention to date. It's a rock-solid lock which can be controlled from both sides of the handle. The Axis lock is the preferred lock for left-handed users and turns almost all Benchmade knives into a friend to all.

Benchmade Mini Bugout vs Bugout

For those looking for a slightly bigger pocket knife, there is the standard Bugout.

Made in the USA

Benchmade knives are produced in the United States. High-end techniques, modern materials and motivated employees produce amazing knives for enthusiasts and professionals on a daily basis. From hunters to military personnel: everyone will find the perfect knife at Benchmade.