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Pocket knives & multitools

Civivi knives: quality for an amazing price

Civivi Logo

Civivi knives offer a lot of quality for an amazing price. The finish is excellent, the designs cool, the materials good. You couldn't possibly ask for more. Civivi is a part of the famous WE Knife. For years this brand is known for excellent quality at the highest level. For the more price-concious enthusiasts there is Civivi. 

Civivi pocket knives: excellent designs

The Civivi designs are almost as eccentric as those introduced by WE Knife. Not surprising as many Civivi pocket knives were designed by the same designers. Both the Chinese and the American designers, such as Elijah Isham. Of course there are many more brands who produce knives in this price range. There are, however, few who can match the finish of the Civivi knives for this price.