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Extrema Ratio knives, tough pocket-sized Italian design

Extrema Ratio Logo

Extrema Ratio knives contain a fantastic mix of elements that make the knives unique. The knives' design is tough and slick; they are extremely strong and work great. The Italian Extrema Ratio company has been making knives since 1997.

The Italian army uses the Extrema Ratio knives and that is visible in the design. The tactical knives are still partially made by hand and are absolutely suitable for professional use. Extrema Ratio even has developed special knives for the missions of the Italian army. Knivesandtools.co.uk really stocks all the Extrema Ratio knives. Be aware of suppliers who do not meet those requirements or sell fakes.

Extrema Ratio MF1 to Extrema Ratio Fulcrum Testudo

The pocket knives, tactical knives and daggers of Extrema Ratio were all developed for a specific goal. Extrema Ratio adapts many pocket knives or daggers to meet the requirements of the army or other users. You will therefore not find any knife that was designed by them 'randomly'. There are various models of Extrema Ratio: from a Medium Folder 1 to the Fulcrum Testudo made for an Afghan mission. Extrema Ratio is imported by Knivesandtools itself.