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Which EDC-pocket knife should I purchase?

EDC-knives are the pocket knives we sell most. We have over 2000 of them! Great, however, with so many of them making the right choice could be a little more difficult. For that reason we have a couple tips and suggestions to make the right choice.

What is an EDC-knife?

Let’s start with the term EDC, an abbreviation of: Everyday Carry. A knife you will carry with you every single day. You use a EDC-pocket knife to open boxes, to cut cardboard to pieces or to peel your apple. But that is not all. There are, of course, thousands of other purposes for EDC-knives.

Choosing a knife based on your surroundings

You often choose a pocket knife based on your surroundings. After all, at the office or on the street different standards apply than on the construction site or in a warehouse as you use the knife for different purposes. A knife that cuts through cardboard and tie-rips on a daily basis needs to handle more than a pocket knife that is only used for letters and apples. 

EDC knives and the law

In terms of the law you also need to look at which type of knife you are carrying with you. After all, you will always need a good reason to carry a knife. As such you should always ask yourself the following: can I reasonably explain why I am carrying this knife? If you have doubts it is best to choose a public-friendly knife, or to leave your knife at home. That is also why you should learn more about knife legislation.

EDC knives with super steel

With hundreds of different types of steel there are always types that are better than others. Steel that retains its sharpness really long, to make sure you almost never have to sharpen it. That type of steel is also called super steel.

Pocket knives enhanced with a blade made from super steel do not need to be sharpened as often as other pocket knives. This means that knives that are intensively used need to be sharpened after only a couple of weeks. For knives you use less often for the more demanding tasks this means that sharpening is almost never necessary. In addition to super steel there are also types of steel that are incredibly stainless. Perfect in maritime conditions, or for anyone living on the coast.

Super steel can often be found on the knives by top-quality brands. Sometimes existing models of pocket knives are also introduced as limited editions and enhanced with a type of super steel to make it extra special.

Does an EDC-knife with a type of super steel appeal to you? Here you will find a complete overview of all our EDC-pocket knives with super steel.

Budget EDC-knives

The fact that EDC-pocket knives do not have to cost a fortune is something our budget EDC-knives prove. Great knives for everyday carry, for amazing prices. Great as an introduction to the pocket knife world, or for people who are not that demanding and simply look for a great knife without any frills.

There are, however, also enough knife enthusiasts who carry a budget knife to accompany their expensive EDC-pocket knife. A so-called ‘beater’. A more affordable knife you don’t have to be that careful with. The knife for all the dirty jobs or tasks that could leave it scratched.

We have made a selection of great budget EDC-pocket knives.

Light-weight EDC-pocket knives for anyone counting the kilos

Not everyone is in the mood to walk around with their pockets filled with top-heavy knives. Light-weight EDC-pocket knives are the solution! For those who love to go hiking, for instance.

Great about these types of light-weight knives is that manufacturers will do whatever they can to make the knives as light as possible. This opens the door to new constructions and materials. Think of innovative use of milled-out titanium handles, or challenging combinations of rock-solid plastics with compact steel liners for reinforcement.

EDC-knives with a weight up to 75 grams are what we call light-weight EDC-knives. Here you will find all light-weight EDC-pocket knives.

Premium EDC-pocket knives

Better EDC-pocket knives are often more expensive. Take, for instance, premium EDC knives. These types of knives are assembled with more care and precision. In addition, they are often made from better materials and the brands who produce these types of knives also offer exceptional service.

We have selected a wide range of premium EDC-pocket knives.


Top-10 EDC-pocket knives

To help you out we have comprised a top-10 with the most popular EDC-pocket knives. Knives that definitely have proven themselves in everyday life.


We have introduced you to quite a lot of different EDC-pocket knives. With a little luck you will be able to find whatever you have been looking for. Still not completely sure? Why not check out our EDC-pocket knife page. Here you will find even more models. With the filter options on the page you can decide even more specifically which EDC-pocket knife is the perfect option.

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