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Reate knives: unparalleled feel and finish

Reate Knives-logo

Reate knives are quite renowned amongst knife aficionados and collectors. Even the most critical fan almost can hardly find anything to comment on when it comes down to how these knives are finished. For instance, the ball bearings are not visible from the side and are therefore less likely to get dirty. 

The pocket clip is finished on the inside so your pocket won’t wear out quickly. The people of Reate know what they are doing!

Reate’s founder, David Deng, is a real knife lover himself and has a background in mechanical design and production technology. Hence so much attention goes out to the overall quality and materials used. Reate uses a special technology to keep the edge at the optimal temperature during sharpening, so the hardness of the steel is kept steady.

The blades of Reate can hardly be called production knives and transcend many other custom knives when it comes to feel and finish!