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Gearmix: premium gear for your hunting adventures

You are going hunting! Good gear is then, of course, indispensable. But which gear do you really need? And which gear should you opt for when you looking for the absolute best? This Gearmix will feature our favourites!

Items in this Gearmix

1. Fällkniven F1 Pro outdoor knife

Are you looking for a premium, compact outdoor knife for your hunting gear? If so the Fällkniven F1 Pro is an excellent choice! Made to withstand the most extreme circumstances. The knife is incredibly versatile and robust. The thermorun handle provides you with a lot of grip, even if your hands are wet. After gutting an animal for instance, or during a rain shower.

2. Eden ED 10x42 binoculars

Looking for game up to 100 metres? The Eden ED 10x42 is a great choice. This premium pair of binoculars has a bright and sharp image. Even at twilight. Great when you are hunting for rabbits or other animals who are active at twilight. It is the result of the top-quality ED glass. The body of the Eden ED 10x42 is finished with a so-called 'Coffee Bean Structure'. As such the pair is a little rougher, making it feel more sold in hand.

3. NiteCore CU6 Chameleon flashlight set

Want to immediately own everything you could possibly need to light up the darkness? The NiteCore CU6 Chameleon set is the answer! This complete set is comprised of everything you need. The flashlight is, amongst others, enhanced with a UV light and red-light function. Many mammals, like deer and boars namely don't see red light and will never see you coming. The UV light is great to track a trail of blood in the dark.