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ESEE Buying Guide: which ESEE knife is the right one for me?

ESEE Knives produces many different survival knives. From small to large, perfect for kitchen tasks or for coarse chopping work. Sometimes the knives merely differ in length, sometimes also in terms of thickness and grind. Exactly those nuances can definitely make the difference in the end. For that reason we have listed the most occurring ESEE models and their features to make sure you will definitely be able to make your choice.

ESEE Junglas

We will immediately start off big: the ESEE Junglas. A large machete, but at the same time also a fixed knife. Because of its massive blade thickness it is perfect for many tasks around the campsite such as building shelter or cleaving wood. Because of its blade length, however, it is also perfect to cut through dense vegetation.

ESEE Junglas II

The ESEE Junglas II has the same qualities as the normal ESEE Junglas. The only difference however, is the length of the blade. The Junglas II is a little more compact. A little better in tight spaces and, of course, easy to take with you because of its weight.


The ESEE 6 is not a machete, but simply a large fixed knife. A large blade, large enough to split thick branches, with a comfortable grip.


The ESEE 6HM has the same blade, only the handle has been modified. The large protrusion in front of your index finger has been removed and the handle is also a little rounder. As a result the HM version is more of a bushcraft knife. In addition, it comes with a leather sheath.


The odd one out amongst the 6,5,4 and 3. After all, the ESEE Model 5 has a blade that is a lot thicker. That much thicker even that the ESEE 5 is twice as heavy as the ESEE 6, while it is only a couple centimeters shorter. The mid-size survival knife that is almost impossible to destroy. Even more solid than ‘normal’ ESEE knives.

ESEE Laser Strike

The ESEE Laser Strike is, in terms of size, similar to the ESEE 4. The Laser Strike only has a slightly different tip and the handle has been enhanced with a small hidden set that enables you to build a fire. It is definitely a real survival knife.


The ESEE 4 is a friend to all. A nice mid-size knife large enough to do almost anything in a survival or bushcraft situation. At the same time, however, it is compact enough to never hold you back. We believe this is the most all-round ESEE knife in our current range.


The ESEE 4HM is, again, a knife with a blade that is similar to its non-HM-version: the ESEE 4. The large protrusion for your index finger has been removed and the handle is a little rounder. As a result the HM version has become more of a bushcraft knife. After all, the round handle takes care of less ‘hot spots’ and makes long-term use a little more comfortable. This knife comes with a leather sheath.


The ESEE 3 is the little brother of the ESEE 4. Still big enough for many tasks, but a little shorter and lighter. If you are planning on wearing your ESEE on the shoulder strap of your backpack or vest the ESEE 3 is, we believe, the better choice.


The ESEE 3HM is another knife with a blade similar to its non-HM-version: the ESEE 3. The large protrusion for your index finger is gone and the handle is a little rounder. As a result the HM version has become more of a bushcraft knife. This knife comes with a leather sheath.

ESEE Camp-Lore-Models


The ESEE PR4 is the modern incarnation of the classic Kephart knife. Designed by Patrick Rollins, chief instructor at the ESEE survival school. According to him the PR4 is an amazing all-round bushcraft knife.


The ESEE RB3 was designed by ESEE instructor Rueben Bolieu. Another bushcraft knife only enhanced with a scandi edge. Even more perfect for woodwork. As an hunting knife the RB3 is also the perfect knife.


The ESEE JG3 was designed by ESEE instructor James Gibson. A great knife for hunting and bushcraft purposes.


The ESEE CR2.5 is a smaller knife, designed by Cody Rowen. A smaller knife that is great for the more detailed wood work tasks, but also to prepare food.

ESEE neck knives

ESEE Izula

The ESEE Izula is a compact neck knife that can do a lot more than you might think at first. Its limited size makes the Izula compact enough to carry with you. At the same time the 6.7 cm long blade is long enough for common tasks.


The ESEE Izula II is similar to the ESEE Izula and has the same blade. The main difference is the slightly longer handle.

ESEE Candiru

The ESEE Candiru is an incredibly compact neck knife, perfect as a back-up or EDC knife. Practical in a small survival kit or to accompany a larger knife such as the ESEE Junglas.

What about other ESEE knives?

In addition to this list of knives there are also other models. We have not added them to this list because they are not sold that often, or because they are so significantly unconventional that their individual features speak for themselves. In addition, as we speak ESEE Knives has probably once again introduced new models.

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