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Buying guide pocket knives

Looking for a pocket knife, but can't see the wood for the trees? We would love to help you out! We came up with a couple ways of finding you a pocket knife that will suit you best. Depending on what aspect you find most important.

I know the size of my perfect pocket knife

Okay. But do you know if it should be a large or small pocket knife? If so, we will help you find the best pocket knife based on size. We sell many different pocket knives, from teeny-tiny to quite large. We will explain the differences between the sizes and give you some options.

I know what I want to spend to end up with the perfect pocket knife

With thousands of different pocket knives you will even be able to find the perfect pocket knife in your price range. Whether you are looking for a budget pocket knife or a premium showstopper for in your showcase. Even if you are looking for a gift you will find amazing options in different price ranges.

I know how I want to use my perfect pocket knife

If you are looking for a pocket knife based on function we have got you covered. Knives that can handle their own, are enhanced with special tools or knives that are simply amazing to use on a daily basis.

I know that the pocket knife needs to look amazing

Looks are your thing! A pocket knife that is a sight for sore eyes. A knife that will immediately bring a smile to your face. Bling-Bling, or perhaps fancy. We have what you are looking for! From classic to very modern.

All pocket knives

Do you prefer to check out all our pocket knives? This is, of course, also an option. Here you will find all our pocket knives. From small to large. Tip: use the filters for the right selection.