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Buying guide pocket knives by function

Looking for a pocket knife you can really use, but can't see the wood for the trees? We would love to help you out! Here you will find a number of different types of pocket knives.

EDC pocket knives

Our largest category: EveryDay Carry. Practical knives, from affordable to valuable and from small to large. They, however, all have one thing in common: they are made to help you out on a daily basis. Here you will find all our EDC pocket knives. We also made a buying guide that focuses on EDC pocket knives.

Swiss pocket knives

Perhaps the most famous pocket knives worlwide: Swiss pocket knives. Often enhanced with the characterizing Swiss cross on the handle, always incredibly versatile. From small, simple pocket knives with a couple tools to extensive Swiss hulks that are enhanced with half a toolbox. A favourite for inside your glove compartment or on holiday. Here you will find all our Swiss pocket knives. We also made a buying guide to help you find the perfect Victorinox knife.


A little more extensive than your average Swiss pocket knife is the multi-tool. Disadvantage: often so big you need to carry it on your belt. Advantage: these tools can handle almost anything. Indispensable while working around the house or camping. Here you can find more information about different multi-tool brands. We also made an overview of all our multi-tools.

All pocket knives

Do you prefer to check out all our pocket knives? This is, of course, also an option. Here you will find all our pocket knives. From small to large. Tip: use the filters for the right selection.


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