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Carryosity #4: Gentleman EDC Premium Edition

Everybody owns an every day carry: an EDC. These are all the tools you carry with you on a daily basis. An EDC says something about who you are as a person, and how prepared you are on a daily basis. It is also great to match all your EDC items. It is quite tricky to assemble an EDC. In Carryosity we select the perfect EDC for you based on the most popular themes and brands.

A gentleman EDC is an every day carry for anyone who appreciates style. Do you love wearing fancy clothes to work or somewhere where people expect you to look good? If so a gentlemans EDC will be the perfect 'fit'. It will complete your outfit. Compare it to a great watch which also does a lot more than simply tell you the time. In this Carryosity gentlemans edition we focus on fancy, premium EDC items. These are more compact and radiate pure class.

1. Victorinox Classic Alox Blue Knivesandtools Edition

For smaller EDC tasks the Victorinox Classic collection will definitely come in handy. You can easily hang it from your bunch of keys or place it in the inside pocket of a jacket. The Classic Alox Blue Knivesandtools Edition is an amazing choice for anyone looking for a sleek, stylish Victorinox knife. Because of its size no one will be spooked when you pull it out to file your nails or cut off a loose thread.

2. Real Steel Luna Premium Carbon fibre 7005

The Real Steel Luna Premium is a modern slipjoint pocket knife. The Luna is legal in many places. You namely open it with two hands, and it doesn't contain a complete lock. Great for anyone who loves to travel or works in the city. This premium edition of the Luna is enhanced with stunning carbon fibre scales. They don't only look amazing, it also makes the knife weigh next to nothing. You might almost forget you are carrying the Luna at all. Until, of course, you need it to open a letter. The copper-coloured accents truly elevate the knife. Very fancy!

3. Fenix E18R

The Fenix E18R is an impressive flashlight. Stylish and very compact with excellent performances. 750 lumens in a 6 cm light that only weighs 33 grams. Because of its size you will always have room in your EDC for this light. The copper-coloured accents, like those on the Real Steel Luna, turn this light into a premium tool. It is a match made in heaven! A great plus is that you can easily charge the Fenix E18R with the included magnetic charging cable. As such you can easily charge it via your laptop, for instance.