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Eden Bamboo P012 cutting board Expert Review by Jelmer Dekens

As a former chef de partie, I have worn out a lot of cutting boards. In the catering industry, we mainly use plastic cutting boards. Usually with distinct colours, so we can use separate cutting boards for different types of food. In a professional kitchen, this is simply more hygienic. At home, I've always used a wooden cutting board. They're great to use, and let's be honest, their looks are more impressive. I tested Eden's P012 cutting board made from bamboo. Will it live up to my expectations?

First impressions

My first impressions of this cutting board are very positive, as it looks really solid and it feels like it too. With a width of 45 cm, it's quite a large cutting board, but I prefer that. The bottom side features small rubber feet, which prevent the cutting board from shifting around. I remember that I used to have a cutting board without these little feet. A little piece of wet cloth under the cutting board prevented it from shifting around. Fortunately, that's a hassle you don't have to go through with this cutting board. Even when you are chopping and/or slicing to your heart's content, the rubber feet keep it completely still and the sound is also slightly muffled. Moreover, the sides have handles, so it's easy to grab and carry the cutting board.

Thoughts after a few weeks of use

I've been using this cutting board for a few weeks now, and I was pleasantly surprised by its great quality! Bamboo cutting boards have a nice level of hardness. I've used many cutting boards made from soft wood, and trust me, they're less pleasant to work with. With this bamboo cutting board, you'll feel every movement of your knife as you're cutting. It's clear when the edge of your knife hits the cutting board, so you can work quickly and efficiently. And if you're cutting a juicy ingredient, its moisture will simply drain into the juice groove. This allows you to continue cutting for longer, and you'll make less of a mess. The cutting board is really easy to clean. Since bamboo doesn't absorb any moisture, the water rolls right off. Thanks to this, cleaning the cutting board is a piece of cake.

Pros and cons

Honestly, I did not really run into any cons for this cutting board, except that if you have a smaller kitchen, it probably won't fit in your cupboard.However, because this cutting board is so stylish, you can just leave it out on your countertop for everyone to admire. And thanks to the rubber feet, moisture will never get trapped underneath. The cutting board is a little heavy to lift, if you want to slide ingredients right off the board into the pan. Personally, I prefer scooping up my ingredients with a knife anyway. The rubber feet are a really nice touch. This allows the cutting board to rest firmly, and a little higher on your countertop. In addition, the size of the cutting board is very nice. There's always enough space to work with! But the main advantage of this cutting board is its price-quality ratio. You get great value for money.


The cutting board is well worth the money. In terms of looks and quality, it really is an asset to any kitchen if you ask me. Whether you use it for everyday use or for when you want to indulge in a special dinner over the weekend, this cutting board can do it all.

Jelmer Dekens

For the past 14 years, I worked as chef de partie in various restaurants, from diners to Bib Gourmant-level restaurants. In 2020, I completed my training at photography school and in 2021, I started working as a professional photographer alongside my work in the catering industry. As of November 2022, I am now full-time photographer at Knivesandtools.