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Wooden cutting boards: with a stunning pattern

A wooden cutting board is an indispensable accessory for in the kitchen. But will you go with one made from plastic or one made from wood. A cutting board made from wood looks cool, is sustainable and great when maintaining the sharpness of your knives. But wood also requires some TLC. In our range you will find cutting boards made from, amongst others, beech wood, acacia wood and walnut wood. Quickly continue reading if you want to find out if wood is the best choice for you.

Let's start at the beginning: wood is a natural product. This means that it contains a nice pattern given to it by mother nature. It also means that it was given some irregular, natural qualities.The result is that wooden cutting boards are not dishwasher proof and require some maintenance.

Advantages wooden cutting board

If your countertops are too low to properly work on, a wooden cutting board can improve the working height. Wooden cutting boards are thicker than plastic cutting boards and available in different heights.

It is also good to think about whether your cutting board will always be lying on your countertop or if you should also be able to store it. A wooden cutting board is, in general, quite large and won't fit into any kitchen cabinet. A design cutting board, however, is a real eye catcher.

There are many different types of cutting boards. Most are rectangular, but there are also round versions. A nicely shaped round wooden cutting board can also be used to serve bread or snacks. So very multi-functional!

Antibacterial effect

It is sometimes said that wooden cutting boards aren't hygienic. This is actually not true. When you cut and grooves emerge in the board, bacteria can get caught inside. The thing is that a groove in a plastic cutting board (partially) closes around the dirt in the groove. You could try to wash it off, but chances are you won't be able to get all of it out. A wooden cutting board won't close around the dirt but will open up when you clean it. As such you can easily get rid of all the dirt. In addition, the tannins, an anti-bacterial quality in the wood, help out by killing a most of the bacteria.

Maintaining a wooden cutting board

We have noticed that many don't really know how to maintain a wooden cutting board. Because how do you make sure that a nice wooden cutting board will stay good for years to come? We will give you all tips and tricks and tell you step by step how you can enjoy your wooden cutting board to its full extent. Read all about it in our info-topic: 'how do you maintain a wooden cutting board'?


How do you maintain a wooden cutting board?

The maintenance of a wooden cutting board sometimes raises questions amongst our customers. Because how do you make sure that a beautiful wooden cutting board stays beautiful for years?