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EZ profi: top-quality cut-resistant gloves

Working with knives isn't without risk. Accidents can happen. To prevent accidents, EZ profi produces top-quality cut-resistant Niroflex gloves. Perfect for when you're opening oysters! Extra convenient: the wrist strap is adjustable so you can make the glove fit snugly. Make sure the wrist strap doesn't stick out too much, or it could get caught in something when you're working. EZ Profi products are suitable not only for the amateur chefs among us, but also for professional chefs!

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Reasons to buy EZ Profi gloves

These oyster gloves greatly reduces the risk of injuries when opening oysters. The structure of the braided steel rings is derived directly from chain mail, though fortunately these gloves are not as heavy as chain mail! The rings of the gloves have been carefully and individually welded, so they won't come undone. The wrist band is adjustable in length, so the glove fits snugly on any hand. Actually, the idea is to wear the glove on the your left hand so that right-handers can hold the oyster knife in their right hand, protecting their left hand. However, the gloves can be worn on the right without any problems, and are therefore also suitable for left-handers. Is it a little uncomfortable to wear on your right hand? You can turn the glove inside out for a better fit.

EZ Profi

EZ Profi specialises in the safe preparation of oysters. Oysters are delicious, but they make you work for it. With the EZ Profi glove, your hand is safe from the EZ Profi knife you use to open the oyster. The bottom of this knife has a protrusion, a kind of fin, which makes it easy to break open the oyster. The oyster knife was designed to make it easy for anyone to open your fresh oysters, without having to use a lot of force. The oyster knife is made of ice-hardened surgical steel, which is very resistant to corrosion. So you can also take the knife out into the salty sea in search of oysters!

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