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Cutting boards: the perfect base for your knife

If you want to buy a chopping board that suits you best, keep the following in mind. If your work surface in the kitchen is actually too low to work easily, a wooden chopping board can improve your working height.

Wooden chopping boards are thicker and available in various heights. It is also good to decide whether your chopping board will always sit on the work surface or that it has to be easy to store away. A design chopping board can be a real eye catcher. For the size of your chopping board you should base your choice on the size of knife you use often Wooden and plastic chopping boards are extremely suitable and do not make your knives blunt. Never use glass or marble chopping boards if you value the sharpness of your knives.

Chopping boards and hygiene

In the professional catering sector coloured chopping boards are often used. Each colour is used for a different type of food. Usually your kitchen will not need more than one chopping board. It is even more hygienic to immediately rinse and clean it with hot water after cutting raw meat or fish. That prevents cross-contamination. Different coloured boards in a box take up a lot of space and are not very practical for home use.