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Amefa cutlery: setting your table in style

Amefa produces a wide range of cutlery and associated products to make sure you can create the right atmosphere no matter the occasion. Whether you want to have breakfast with your family, dinner with friends or are hosting a wonderful BBQ: Amefa has got the right design for every occasion or style. High gloss, matt, black or gold: the right type of cutlery for every occasion. Even for the youngest table guests.

At Amefa they know a thing or two about cutlery. They have, after all, been setting tables ever since 1931. And with good reason: Amefa produces top-quality products.As such it is one of Europe's most important suppliers of cutlery. The company itself is located in the Netherlands, but they also have offices in England, Germany, France, Poland and Hong Kong. The products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide!

Over 85 years ago a 25-year old German entrepreneur named Eugen Hollaender came to Apeldoorn. In 1931 he started his own company which produced and sold razor blades: the 'Apeldoornse Knife Factory'. In the forties competition was fierce. That is why Eugen Hollaender decided to focus on other knives: table knives and other cutlery. At the end of the forties the production of the razor blades completely stopped.Throughout the years the production in Apeldoorn was reduced turning the company into an international distribution centre. At the start of the nineties the production process in Apeldoorn stopped completely. After which in 2006 the company moved to its new HQ in Apeldoorn.