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French Laguiole knives: when you want to impress your guests

When you want to impress your guests, you can surely do so with Laguiole table knives and waiter’s knives. These French, handmade knives represent the burgundy style of life. Enjoy good food and drink in good company. Imagine yourself in the Aubrac with this wonderful traditional pieces of art.

Laguiole’s origins

Laguiole is a generic name for the handmade pocket knives from the French Aubrac region, around the small village of Laguiole. The blades are characterized by the handmade decorations and characteristics on the handle.

Beware of imitationsk!

Beware of fake Laguiole knives. In countries like China and Pakistan, knives are made that look very much like genuine French Laguiole knives. At knivesandtools you will only find real Laguiole knives of the best creators and brands.


Laguiole knives: How do you recognize a counterfeit?

There are many misunderstandings about Laguiole knives. Is it a brand? When is a knife a true Laguiole knife? And why does one sell them for €400 a piece while elsewhere you can get a set of six knives for just ten pounds? At knivesandtools you always buy an original