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Fontenille Pataud-Series and additional information

Fontenille Pataud Nature

Length closed12 cm
Length opened21,5 cm
Characteristictraditional shape, back-lock


De Fontenille Pataud Nature-series looks a lot like the traditional Lagiuole knives. Really characteristic is the locking mechanism. You can unlock the knife with the back-lock at the heel of the handle. Classical elegance with modern convenience.

Fontenille Pataud Le Pocket

Length closed10,5 cm
Length opened18,5 cm


The blades in the Le Pocket series are compact in traditional Lagiuole knives’ shape. You feel the normal Laguiole knives are too big to carry with you? These pocket-sized Laguiole knives are perfect for you!

Fontenille Pataud Le Pocket XS

Length closed9 cm
Length opened17 cm


The knives from the Le Pocket XS series are even smaller than the regular Le Pocket series. Compact but no less formidable! For when you need a little extra space inside your pocket.

Fontenille Pataud Traditional '12 cm'

Length closed12 cm
Length opened21,5 cm
CharacteristicTraditional shepherds’ cross, unlocks at the front


The classical Laguiole knife. Each knife in this series has the traditional shepherds’ cross in the handle and the classic access locking system at the bolster. Are you looking for timeless elegance? These knives are IT for you!

Fontenille Pataud Sport

Length closed13 cm
Length opened23 cm


The Fontenille Pataud-Sports series are robust pocket knives very elegantly made.

Fontenille Pataud Corsican

Length closed10,5 cm
Length opened19 cm


Inspired by the country life in Corsica and these have been developed in collaboration with the Zuria brothers. The blade has the characteristic Corsican 'head' and instead of the bee there is an outline of Corsica.

Fontenille Pataud Le Saint-Bernard

Length opened11 cm
Length closed20 cm


This rugged series is inspired by the St. Bernard’s pass. This is reflected in the small barrel on the blade. A subtle reference to the St. Bernard that warms stranded travelers with a little bit of cognac.

Fontenille Pataud '5 Coqs'

Length closed11 cm
Length opened20 cm


The '5 Coqs' series is a traditional design from the French town of Yssingeaux. In local dialect it means 'five young roosters', and this is reflected throughout the design. There is a styled rooster design on the blade and the heel of the knife is also shaped like a rooster.

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