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Shot Show 2019: the newest Gerber pocket knives

Gerber komt in 2019 met een hele gave lijn nieuwe zakmessen. Zoals altijd hebben ze voor iedereen wel iets. Bijzonder is het accent op slipjoints en herenmesjes. Meer de klassieke kant op, doch altijd met een moderne twist. In deze video legt Matt Aboussie van Gerberuit wat er nieuw is voor 2019.

Gerber Fastball

The Gerber Fastball is one of the most promising pocket knives from the Gerber 2019 line-up. A CPM S30V wharncliffe 7.5 cm blade with a flipper and an aluminium handle. It opens quickly, which is also how it got its name. In addition, it feels great in hand. Made in Portland, Oregon, USA and very solid. Ball bearings have been placed around the pivot to make sure it opens smoothly.

Gerber Straightlace & Wingtip

One of the trends of 2019 is the emergence of the slipjoint. Gerber also responds to this with the Gerber Straightlace and the Wingtip. The Straightlace is the big brother, the Wingtip the baby brother. Modern designs that will definitely make the hearts of many knife enthusiasts skip a beat. Budget-friendly so also perfect as a gift. Because these designs aren't very traditional most non-pocket knife enthusiasts will also appreciate these models.

Gerber Centerdrive Plus

A couple of years ago Gerber definitely brought the multi-tool market to its knees with the Gerber Centerdrive. After a couple of years it was time to see if this rock-solid tool could become even better. Gerber came up with the addition of scissors and a top-quality, produced in the United States, leather sheath. With enough room for the included bit set. As such the Gerber Centerdrive Plus is even more appealing.

Gerber Jukebox

'Back to the seventies!' Gerber must have thought as the design of the Jukebox left the drawing board. Acryl-like handle materials which seem to be directly taken from a bowling ball, a sheepsfoot blade with a stunning hollow grind and a frontflipper opening mechanism: this is a remarkable pocket knife. Available in two colours.

Gerber Quadrant

The Gerber Quadrant is another knife which can be seen as a fashion accessory. Just like you don't have to be a fan of watches to wear a stunning watch you don't have to be knife enthusiast to appreciate the Quadrant. This is a stunning pocket knife for an amazing price. A unique design with a flipper and liner lock. The blade seems to have been taken from a straight razor. The Gerber Quadrant is another knife that is presented for a great price.

Gerber Compleat

Gerber developed the Gerber Compleat for hikers and anyone who loves to go camping. An all-round cooking tool for anyone who enjoys outdoor cooking. Spatula, scraper, knife, spoon, fork: you name it, the Compleat can do it. Light-weight and easy to assemble to make sure you can safely keep all parts together.

Gerber 2019 releases

With all these new products Gerber once again demonstrates that they know what you want and need. In the near future these new products will appear on our website. Here you will find all our Gerber knives.

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