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Outdoor Gearmix: Back to Basics with Hultafors

Go out into nature. Let go of all your daily troubles. Go back to basics. Chop wood, build a campfire and let your thoughts wander. That is when you realize you don't need much. Leave modern technology behind and use ancient techniques. It never gets old!

Hultafors has got everything you need. A wonderful hand axe that will never let you down. A leather Trekker's Little Helper for different tasks in and around the camp. And a practical sharpening stone for on the road.

1. Hultafors trekking axe Hultån

The Hultafors Hultån is the perfect companion when you go back to basics. Lightweight and compact, so easy to transport. The head is made from Swedish axe steel which retains its sharpness well without breaking and can easily be sharpened. It also comes with a nice leather sheath. And, because it is one of the Hultafors Premium axes, it comes with a lifelong warranty.

2. Hultafors Trekker’s Little Helper

It seems like a simple piece of leather. And that is basically also what it is. But this Trekker's Little Helper is indispensable! It will protect your leg as you work with your axe. It will serve as a backdrop for wood work. Or as the perfect base to start your campfire. And you can also use it to sit on. A must-have for every bushcraft enthusiast.

3. Hultafors Sharpening Stone

If you often use your axe during a long trip you need to make sure it stays sharp. That is when this sharpening stone can come in handy. It is lightweight and comes with a leather sheath. So, easy to take with you. The stone has a solid grip to make sure you don't cut your fingers. And the two different grain sizes are perfect to first create the right shape, after which you end up with razor-sharp results.