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Line-up outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen is becoming more and more popular. We understand why. There is nothing better than preparing a nice meal in the company of your friends and family. You do so with the right gear. To start with: a good knife set.

Victorinox Fibrox boning knife

This Victorinox Fibrox boning knife is perfect when removing skin, scales, tendons or fat from fish or meat. But also to remove meat from bones. The blade is thick enough to handle these types of tasks. The handle is made from Fibrox. It has the qualities of rubber, but it is processed like plastic. As such Fibrox is quite stiff. The main advantage is that even if your hands are wet or if you are wearing gloves you don't have to worry about the knife slipping from your hands. Indispensable for any meat or fish lover. 

Eden Classic Damast nakiri

Quickly dice an onion and chop fresh herbs with this Eden Classic Damast nakiri. But you can also use this knife to easily cut cabbage, carrots and lettuce. A Nakiri is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife. You can recognize a Nakiri by its rectangular blade. The tip of the knife is slightly rounded to make sure you can also quickly cut vegetables at an angle. Remarkable about this nakiri is the stunning pattern on the blade: you don't often come across this type of blade in this price range.

Tramontina carving set

With the two-piece Tramontina Churrasco carving set, outdoor cooking will be an amazing experience. This set is comprised of a carving knife and a meat fork. Use the fork to turn over, move and serve the meat  and never worry about blisters again. With the knife you can easily cut the meat. Do keep in mind that you cut the meat perpendicular to the threads of the muscle tissue to maintain the flavour.

Ontario Old Hickory chef's knife

Robust, coarse, decent. It is how you can describe this Old Hickory chef's knife. Made from carbon steel and hard wood. Perfect when cutting vegetables, meat, fish and fruit. This all-rounder can handle it all. Not suited to fillet fish or meat. The blade is made from 1074 carbon steel. Tough and easy to sharpen, and it retains its sharpness well. Do, however, be careful: 1074 is not completely stainless. It will as such form a patina. This knife is popular amongst (amateur)chef's who love bold knives.

Not what you are looking for? Whether you are an amateur or professional chef, a vegetarian or prefer meat, own a small or large kitchen: we made a selection of kitchen knives for everyone. Which set will suit you best?