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Line-up employee Knivesandtools: Victor

As a category manager I am always on the lookout for new and interesting products to expand our range! On a daily basis I see so many great new things it is sometimes really difficult to make the right choice. This did, however, cause me to appreciate a lot of different things. As such I also use a lot of different kitchen knives at home.

Wüsthof Urban Farmer Chef's knife

Despite the fact that I think the santoku looks better in terms of design, I do prefer the chef's knife. The cutting technique that accompanies a chef's knife suits me more. I use this Wüsthof chef's knife for basically everything. Finely chopping a clove of garlic for instance. Or when I have chopped a pile of unions and do wish them to be smaller still. All I have to do then is 'rock' through the pile!

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Wüsthof Urban Farmer harvesting knife

I love not having to continuously switch knives as I prepare a meal. The Wüsthof Urban Farmer harvesting knife is the perfect combination between a peeling knife and a turning knife. This knife can be used for many things in the kitchen. Great to cut strawberries for in my morning yoghurt, but also when peeling sweet potatoes or cutting an avocado.

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Eden Classic Damast Nakiri

The last two years I came across nakiri knives more and more often in the ranges of the brands we sell on a daily basis. This knife comes from Asia and is designed to cut vegetables. When I want to show off and pay a little more attention to plating my dish I always take out my Eden Classic Damast nakiri.

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Zwilling Miyabi 5000 MCD 67 chef's knife

The Zwilling Miyabi 5000 MCD 67 chef's knife is truly one of the most beautiful kitchen knives I have ever seen. As such it is not that surprising that it is at the top of my 'must-have-list'. I still need to add a stunning damast kitchen knife to my collection someday. The pattern on the blade looks amazing and is something I appreciate even more now that I know how damast is forged. Also! This type of knife will definitely live up to the expectations of some of my friends who think I only own 'special' knives. Win-Win really!

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Expert Knivesandtools: Victor

I love trying new things and often read cookbooks for inspiration. I would also really like to advise everyone to visit a delicatessen shop and be surprised by all the 'strange' and fresh ingredients they sell. Oh, and you might recognize me from my hands on our product photos. I can namely proudly say that I am one of Knivesandtools' hand models!