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Line-up: Yaxell

The Japanese Yaxell kitchen knives have been produced ever since 1932. For it modern techniques are combined with designs and materials with historical knowledge. Yaxell has four different collections, which we added to our knife magnet for a line-up.

Yaxell Ran

The Yaxell Ran collection is comprised of traditional Japanese kitchen knives with a modern design. The knives are made from 69 layers of damasteel and are enhanced with a VG10 steel core. This is a rock-solid type of steel that can be sharpened to a very sharp finish. The damasteel ensures that the design of the knives is stunning and unique, making them real eye-catchers in the kitchen.

Yaxell uses micarta for the handles. This is linen impregnated with epoxy resin. As such the material is not only rock-solid, it can handle its own and is nicely waterproof. One of the qualities of micarta is that it provides you with enough grip, even in wet circumstances.

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Yaxell Super Gou

161 layers of damasteel with a core of SG2 powder steel, that is the Yaxell Super Gou collection. These stunning knives are enhanced with 80 layers of stainless damasteel on both sides. The SG2 powder steel, of which the core is made, can be sharpened razor-sharp. As such you can effortlessly cut everything you need for your dishes.

The round handle is enhanced with three rivets. As such the handle looks a lot like a European kitchen knife. These knives do not only feel comfortable in hand, the handle is also solid and sustainable. The handle is made from micarta. This is linen impregnated with epoxy resin.

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Yaxell Tsuchimon

A stunning design and excellent quality, that is what the Yaxell Tsuchimon is known for. For this collection Japanese design styles are combined with those from Europe. The blades, for instance, are in terms of design and shape, typically Japanese. The handles, however, are made from micarta, according to European style.

The blades of the Yaxell Tsuchimon knives are enhanced with a VG10 steel core. To protect this core it was wrapped in a layer of stainless steel on both sides. These layers also create the line that can be seen just above the edge of the blade. The blades have a Japanese finish which was applied by the hammer of the smith. As such the blades are enhanced with small dimples. For these knives they have no function, but they do look great!

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Yaxell Zen

Like for the Yaxell Ran and the Yaxell Super Gou collection, the Yaxell Zen uses damasteel. For this collection a core of Japanese VG10 steel was enhanced with damasteel on both sides of the blade. The difference for this collection, however, is that the dimples applied by the smith's hammer do have a function. They ensure that food won't stick to the blade.

Yaxell always uses micarta for the handle. These handles are oval or round. As such they feel great in hand and are comfortable in use.

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Which is your favourite?

The Yaxell collections are all great. No matter which you will choose, you will end up with stunning, top-quality kitchen knives. Which is your favourite?