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Karambit knives: tactical knives with a rich past

Originally speaking the karambit knife is a Filipino fighting knife inspired by the claws of tigers and lions. Throughout the years, however, the knife became better and better and also more popular.

Not only as a combat knife, but also as a sickle and pruning knife. Today karambit knives are just as versatile. A wonderful tactical knife which you can also use to open boxes or cut through rope or cables. Its multi-functional and unique, tough look has turned the karambit into a must-have for any knife enthusiast.

Using a karambit

You can use the karambit in different ways. The thumb through the thumb hole and your fingers on the cut-outs is what we call the 'reverse grip'. If you stick your little finger through the thumb hole and place your thumb on the spine of the handle you end up with the 'conventional grip. Whichever grip you choose: you will always have a sublime grip over the knife!

Opening the karambit

There are also various ways of opening the knife. Most Emerson and Fox karambit knives are enhanced with a hook on the spine of the blade. With it the karambit will open automatically when you take it from your pocket. You can also open the knife with a flipper or thumb hole.