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New Benchmade 2021 knives: Mini Osborne 945, Bugouts and more

Large knife shows such as the Shot Show were cancelled. That is why, this year, many product launches are hosted online. Benchmade joined the party with a large list of new knives for the new year. Mostly new versions of their most popular models. Like the Bugout, Mini Bugout and the new Mini Osborne!

Benchmade 945 Mini Osborne Aluminium

After the introduction of the Mini Bugout it was only a matter of time before the popular 940 Osborne collection was up next. Earlier this year Benchmade launched the 945BK-1 Mini Osborne. Completely in black, with stylish, blue G10 liners. Today the famous, classic version with green aluminium scales and purple accents is also available as a 'mini'! Compared to its 20 cm long brother the Mini Osborne is only 17 cm when opened. As such the Mini Osborne is perfect for anyone who prefers a small pocket knife.

Benchmade Mini Osborne 945

Benchmade Bugout 535BK-4 Aluminium and M390 steel

The Bugout 535BK-4 is a real winner. We see cool aluminium scales with an elegant, milled sunburst pattern on the handle. This doesn't only look amazing. It also provides you with more grip. Benchmade, however, took things even further! The dark-red thumb studs and standoffs make the knife look even better. Such an amazing-looking handle should be accompanied by an amazing type of steel. That is why the blade is made from M390 steel.

Benchmade Bugout 535BK-4

Benchmade Bugout 535-3 carbon fibre and CPM S90V steel

Do you prefer something fancier? The Bugout 535-3 looks very chic. It is the result of the sleek carbon fibre scales and blue accents. The backspacer is remarkable. The standard Bugout is enhanced with standoffs that connect the scales. This version of the Bugout is enhanced with a blue anodized aluminium backspacer. As such the whole looks a little more modest. This new Bugout is also enhanced with a premium type of steel. CPM S90V steel to be precise. An incredibly hard and premium type of steel that retains its sharpness well.

Benchmade Bugout 535-3
Blue aluminium backspacer

Benchmade Mini Bugout 533BK-2 DLC CF-Elite

The Mini Bugout 533BK-2 is a smaller version of the Bugout 535BK-2. Perfect for anyone who prefers a compacter pocket knife.  Other than that the knife is exactly like its big brother. A S30V steel blade with a DLC coating and a practical CF Elite handle. A handle material that is made from polymer reinforced with carbon fibre. A rock-solid material that was originally used in the car and aviation industry. CF-Elite is no less than 50% stronger than grivory and even lighter.

Benchmade Mini Bugout 533BK-2

Benchmade Tengu 601-211 Gold Class Marbled Carbon fibre and damascus steel

Despite the fact that all shows are cancelled, the Gold Class Tengu 601-211 still manages to steal the show! The Gold Class collection is a collection of knives with which Benchmade demonstrates what they are capable of. These knives are enhanced with the most special finishes and materials. The Tengu is designed by Jared Oeser and made its debut in 2020. This year we once again come across this stylish pocket knife, but this time it looks slightly different. The knife is enhanced with black-white Marbled carbon fibre and Damascus steel. Two premium materials that seem to blend together. Incredibly unique! To finish the whole the backspacer is made from Raffir Noble. In short: a real collector's item.

Benchmade Tengu 601-211
Raffir Noble backspacer

Benchmade Meatcrafter 15500 Orange

The Meatcrafter is a modern carving knife. Or it is a hunting knife? Whichever way you look at it, the Meatcrafter is a versatile knife. Perfect for hunting purposes to gut game or whenever you need to cut meat in your kitchen. The knife is enhanced with a distinctive orange handle and kydex sheath to make sure you don't lose it when you venture into the woods. The blade is made from CPM 154 steel. A strong type of steel that is easy to sharpen. Great for a knife like the Meatcrafter that needs to be razor-sharp.

Benchmade Meatcrafter 15500

Benchmade Adamas 275GY-1 and Adamas 275SFE-2 CPM CruWear

Benchmade fans are familiar with the Adamas collection. Like the Osborne collection a classic Benchmade knife. This collection was completely updated! Not only in terms of shape, also in terms of materials. The blade is made from CPM CruWear steel. Instead of D2 steel. A tool steel that is known for its exceptional sharpness retention and hardness (63-65 HRC). This steel is not completely stainless. That is why the blade is enhanced with a coating. The handle is made from tough G10. Both versions of the Adamas are also available with a serrated blade.

Benchmade Adamas 275GY-1
Benchmade Adamas 275SFE-2

Benchmade Mini Adamas 273GY-1 and Mini Adamas 273FE-2 CPM CruWear

The Adamas will also get a mini-version in 2021. Basically the same as the standard version. Except for its size. The blade of the Mini Adamas is namely 8.2 cm long. The Adamas has a 9.6 cm long blade. So, perhaps not that mini. It it, however, a lot smaller than its big brother. As such the Mini Adamas is better suited for EDC use. The Mini is also a lot lighter. 50 grams, no less!

Benchmade Mini Adamas 273GY-1
Benchmade Mini Adamas 273FE-2

Benchmade Adamas Fixed 375BK-1 Adamas Fixed 375FE-1 CPM CruWear

Almost as long as the Adamas collection exists, there has been a fixed version of this knife: the Adamas fixed. The blade is no less than 10.7 cm long and thus longer than both versions mentioned above. This knife was also updated. The sheath was adjusted to make sure you can carry it in more ways. The serrations on the spine also vanished and the steel was upgraded to CPM CruWear steel.

Benchmade Adamas Fixed 375BK-1
Benchmade Adamas Fixed 375FE-1

We hope to have all new products in stock as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

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