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SHOT Show 2024: the new ANV Knives products

The SHOT Show in Vegas enables outdoor and knife brands to launch their newest products for the coming year. Each year we travel to Vegas to be the first to know all about the new launches. ANV also introduced a number of new products for 2024!

About the new ANV A100 Ultem

For quite some time now the ANV A100 has been one of the most popular ANV pocket knives. Because of its sleek design, but also because it weighs next to nothing. You might almost call it the ultimate pocket knife. But there is of course always room for improvement. What about this new version with Ultem scales?! Ultem is a high-quality thermoplastic material known for its exceptional strength, durability and thermal resistance. Best known for its practical use in the aircraft industry, though lately it has also been a popular choice in the pocket knife world. In this case the Ultem is not milled from one single piece, but cast by ANV themselves with the help of injection moulding. Very cool!

We hope to add the ANV A100 Ultem to our range as soon as possible! Click here to check out all ANV products.

About the new ANV M25

The new ANV M25 is an addition to the ANV M-collection (military collection). A compact fixed knife designed in cooperation with the 25th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment from the Czech army. The 3.5 mm thin blade, made from Sleipner steel, is cryo-hardened and enhanced with a DLC coating.

A great feature is the fact that the choil in the blade also functions as a firesteel notch. In addition, the spines of the handle and blade are enhanced with cut-outs that have the exact scale of a 1:25 000 map. Awesome because during an emergency situation it enables you to measure the distance on a map in distances of 200m, 1 km and 5 km. The back of the handle is enhanced with a tool to secure a RBS rocket or to open a beer. It all comes down to which of the two you do more often.

About the new ANV M500 Kamba

ANV introduces the new M500 Kamba! A shorter version of the ANV M500 Anthropoid. This dagger is named after the KAMBA Military Police operation, which served as a protection for the Czech embassy in Kabul and provided personal protection for people in the diplomatic service. The military police officers deployed during this operation used the ANV M500 Anthropoid. When producing the M500 Kamba ANV nicely incorporated the feedback they gave in terms of use and design.

We hope to add the ANV M500 Kamba to our range as soon as possible!

About the new ANV Z070 Neo slipjoints

We never say no to new ANV pocket knives! Meet the new ANV Z070 Neo slipjoint pocket knives. With scales made from lightweight GRN polyurethane which not only make the knife look very sleek, they also offer you a comfortable grip. The Neo will be released in different colours: Black, Rose White and Mint White. The Swedish Sleipner steel blade was cryogen hardened up to 60 HRC. In addition, the blade is enhanced with a black DLC coating for maximum sustainability and a bold look and feel. You open the blade with two hands and a double detent ensures that you can safely open and close it. A remarkable characteristic is the hollow pivot screw enhanced with ball bearings. As such the blade does not only open smoothly, it also makes the pocket knife look very special.

We hope to quickly addd the ANV Neo slipjoint pocket knives to our range! Click here to check out all ANV products.

About the new 3D scales for the ANV P-Line

The ANV P-Line was also upgraded! ANV stopped using the flat, milled G10 scales. Today they use GRN scales with a core made from polyurethane and 3D contours. This applies to the ANV P200, P250, P300 and the P500. So almost all models, with the exception of the P100. This model is still enhanced with a paracord handle. These improved scales do not only provide you with more comfort and a better grip, they also update the look of the knives!

We hope to quickly add these new ANV P-models to our range! Click here to check out all ANV products.

About ANV

Acta Non Verba or: ANV Knives, produces amazing knives in the Czech Republic. From subtle slipjoints to brute survival knives. Characterizing is how sleek the designs are. With flowing, geometric lines and subtle bevels. The prices are very reasonable for knives that are produced in Europe, made from top-quality materials and are enhanced with a fine finish. You can clearly tell that the experts at ANV knives do things slightly differently from other brands. It is what makes this company so unique.