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Spotlight: Gerber Strongarm

The Gerber Strongarm is Gerber's best-selling fixed survival knife. The Strongarm was designed for those who need to be able to rely on their knife. Whether you are planning to enter the jungle, roam the desert or visit the woods next door: the Strongarm will help you out. It's no surprise to us that this knife has been used by first responders and military personnel for years.

Gerber Strongarm: what you see is what you get!

Are you considering purchasing the Gerber Strongarm? You're probably not the type to choose a knife based on looks alone. The design of the Strongarm has been compared to a M1 Abrams tank because of its serious, tactical look with sharp corners and clean lines. We're a fan of this tactical style, but it should be there just for looks. If it looks tough, but can't handle heavy-duty tasks, what's the point? Fortunately the Gerber Strongarm is as strong as it looks.

Gerber Strongarm

Gerber Strongarm: a rock-solid blade

The strong blade of the Strongarm is made from 420HC steel. The HC stands for High Carbon. . That means that this steel has a higher carbon content than regular 420 steel, for example. Steel with a higher carbon content will become harder after heat treatment. Moreover, this steel also contains 13% chromium, which makes it corrosion resistant. The blade is hard enough to use for chopping tasks without losing sharpness too quickly. However, don't worry if your Strongarm does become dull after prolonged use, because it's easy to sharpen. In short; a great steel type for a survival knife!

The black coating adds an extra layer of protection. It also ensures the blade won't reflect light as much. In addition to the two versions with a 'smooth' edge, there are also two versions available with a serrated edge for adventurers who often need to cut through rope, fibrous plants or fabric.

With a tactical survival knife like the Gerber Strongarm, it goes without saying that the tang of the blade extends all the way throughout the handle. It even protrudes from the handle a bit. Great when breaking something. For example, breaking a window or collecting cockles that are stuck on a rock. Something you would not rather use your knife for.

Gerber Strongarm: handle

The handle is made from FRN, meaning fibreglass-reinforced nylon. This lightweight material is exceptionally durable. To improve grip, Gerber added a layer of rubber in a checkered pattern that makes the handle even more slip-resistant. In addition, the beginning and the end of the handle feature substantial elevations. This is where your fingers will rests on, allowing you to apply a lot of force. The use of the textured rubber and the thickened parts at the beginning and end of the handle ensures it's no problem to use this knife when wearing tactical gloves, for example.

Gerber Strongarm handle black
Gerber Strongarm handle coyote brown

Gerber Strongarm: modular sheath

The Gerber Strongarm is a hefty knife. That's why it's important to have a comfortable carrying option. The Strongarm comes with a plastic sheath that will meet your every need. Left-handed, right-handed, vertical or horizontal on your belt or MOLLE vest: the Strongarm will feel at home anywhere. You can attach it to basically anything.

Gerber Strongarm: excellent price-quality ratio

We understand that it can be tough to spend a lot of money on a knife you plan to abuse, but the Strongarm is worth every penny. This knife is of high quality, it's rock-solid and it even performs better than some more expensive alternatives!

Gerber Strongarm: available versions

Our range includes different versions of this knife; you can choose a smooth blade or a serrated one, and you can choose the colour you like best. Will you choose black or coyote brown?