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Spotting Scopes: experience nature up close

If you want to get even closer to your subject than with your binoculars, then a Spotting Scope comes into view. This is a monocular with a very strong magnification. You look through it with one eye.

Thanks to the high magnification you can view every single feather of the tiniest bird and the speck in the air turns out to be that unique place that you've always wanted to see . In many cases, the magnification ratio of a scope can be set between 20 and 40 x. That means a magnification which is around five times higher than that of common binoculars. The large front lens provides a clear picture and a large exit pupil. Both of these things make a Spotting Scope very nice to use.

Use a tripod

The strong enlargement factor of a Spotting Scope increases, of course, in the view the movements of the Scope itself. This means that you should practically always use a tripod when using a Spotting Scope. Use it on a sturdy tripod and you takes full advantage of the qualities which the Scope has to offer. You do not carry the weight of the Scope yourself. You can completely concentrate on your subject


You will usually use a Spotting Scope out in the great outdoors. This of course involves the risk of getting surprised by the rain. Our Spotting Scopes have absolutely no problem with that.