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Winter time

You probably already noticed it: the sun sets rather early. A little light to light up your path will therefore be a great solution. Whether you decide to go for a run at night, walk the dog or go cycling: use good lighting. Safety first!


A reliable light is indispensable in any household. Many, however, figure that out a little too late. During a blackout, for instance. But which light will suit your situation best?

We understand that it could be difficult to choose the right light. For that reason we have listed a couple of great lights for various purposes.

Handsfree with a head torch

The main advantage of a head torch is that you keep your hands free. In addition, the light will always shine in the direction you are looking at. Incredibly practical when you are pitching your tent, working in a dark and confined space or during a blackout. 

Athletes also use head torches often. The fact that it is dark out should never be an excuse to not go running. But how do decide which light is best for you? We will help you find the best head torch!

To see and to be seen

A bicycle light is an absolute must-have. People will see you, but you will also see where you are going. Key when you find yourself on paths without lighting. Because safety is so important we have a wide range of bicycle lights.

Less is more

Want to carry a light with you, even during unexpected situations? The solution is simple: a keychain flashlight. You hardly notice that you are carrying it with you and you will always have enough light.

We are ready for whatever the darkness throws at us. Are you?