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Fenix Series: which model for which purpose?

Fenix makes many different LED-flashlights, all divided into different collections. Each collection focuses on a design feature, a specific type of use or a certain user. Because abbreviations such as ‘PD’ or ‘LD’ might not mean that much to you, we decided to list the best collections or lights for the purposes most common.

Fenix TK-series

For demanding professionals

The Fenix TK LED-flashlights were designed keeping the most extreme circumstances in mind. The Fenix TK-collection has flashlights with strong and clear beams that have enough reach both far and wide. This collection is highly recommended for users who are looking for a reliable flashlight in a demanding situation.

Check out the Fenix TK-series

Fenix PD-Series

Compact hulks

Fenix PD: compact hulks. In terms of light-output the flashlights from the PD collection are true hulks. Most flashlights in this collection work with Lithium CR123A batteries. These batteries will last up to 10 years and can withstand low temperatures, making them perfect for irregular use or in cold circumstances. These flashlights are true hulks and yet you don’t have to be a hulk yourself to use this flashlight because of its compact size. This makes this flashlight incredibly versatile.

Check out the Fenix PD-series

Fenix LD-series

No-nonsense quality

These compact LED-flashlights are perfect for normal use. In the LD-collection you will find, amongst others, flashlights with AA and AAA batteries. The wide availability of these batteries make these flashlights perfect for travelers looking for a good flashlight. But, of course, not only travelers will benefit from the compact size and easily replaceable batteries. This collection is also really appreciated by professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

Check out the Fenix LD-series

Fenix E-series

Made for everyday use

LED flashlights from the Fenix E-Series are perfect when you are looking for a flashlight you want to carry with you at all times. After all, the lights can easily be taken with you and are also easy to use. In addition, for this entry-level collection the price-quality ratio is absolutely unrivalled.

Check out the Fenix E-series

Fenix UC-series

Rechargeable LED flashlights with USB-port

The rechargeable LED-flashlights from the Fenix UC-collection focus on home users. The Lithium-Ion battery does not have to be taken from its case to be charged and uses the latest innovations for batteries. All flashlights in the Fenix-UC collection come with an USB-charging cable.

Check out the Fenix UC-series

Fenix RC-series

Rechargeable flashlights designed for professionals

The Fenix RC-collection is comprised of LED-flashlights that focus on professionals. This is evident when you look at the charging methods and additional accessories.  Think, for instance, of car chargers. Perfect for anyone who uses their flashlight on the road. The Lithium-Ion batteries in the flashlights of the RC-collection do not have to be removed from the light to be charged and use the latest innovations for batteries.

Check out the Fenix RC-series

Fenix FD-series

Focusing beam for flexibility in terms of reach

When you are looking for complete flexibility when it comes to reach you end up with the Fenix FD focusing LED flashlight. A narrow and focused beam to bridge distances or a wide beam to light up areas close by, the FD-series can do it all. Add the fact that there are a lot of options when it comes to suitable rechargeable batteries and you will know that you are dealing with an incredibly flexible flashlight.

Check out the Fenix FD-series

Fenix SD-series

High performance LED diving lights

When you are looking for a good diving light the SD-collection is perfect for you. The neutral white light coming from this diving light makes colours look incredibly realistic underwater. This diving light has a double internal casing to protect all sensitive electric parts from moisture and changes in temperature. The SD10 is a reliable diving light that can easily descend 100 meters.

Check out the Fenix SD-series

Fenix HP-series

Powerful head torches with external battery holder

Characterizing for the Fenix head torches in the HP collection are the external casings of the batteries. The battery casings are not carried on the forehead but, for instance, on the back of the head, or on a belt. Most models in this collection use one or multiple 18650 batteries. The high battery capacity with the excellent construction quality make these extremely reliable head torches for professional and long-term use.

Check out the Fenix HP-series

Fenix HL-series

Optimal balance between weight and performance

Head torches that focus on compact size, low weight and a sturdy design. This collection of head torch has models that work with AA, AAA and CR123A batteries. The HL head torches are slightly different from the HP-head torches because the batteries are carried on the forehead. The optimal ratio between weight and performance make these head torches the perfect choice for, for instance, athletes.

Check out the Fenix HL-series

Fenix BC-series

Compact, easy to mount and high performance

If you are looking for a high-performance bicycle light you should definitely consider the Fenix BC-series. Compared to the BT-models the battery casing has been placed in the light. The bicycle lights are mounted to the handlebars by means of a quick-action coupling. This system also enables you to quickly remove the light from your bike to take it with you wherever you might go.

Check out the Fenix BC-series

Fenix CL-series

Atmospheric lights and camping lights

All lights in the CL-series are lanterns that can rotate up to 360 degrees. In addition, they weigh next to nothing, are sustainable and can handle a couple drops of water. Lanterns can easily be used as stationary lights to light up a room. These lights are perfect for atmospheric light on the terrace or inside a tent. But there is more! Several models have additional practical features such as glow in the dark buttons to make sure you can easily find them in the dark.

Check out the Fenix CL-series

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