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Fenix TK series LED flashlights

The Fenix TK LED flashlights were designed for use in extreme circumstances. The Fenix TK-collection is comprised of flashlights with strong and clear beams that have a great reach both far and wide. This collection is great for users who are looking for a reliable flashlight in demanding situations such as: security guards, police officers and hunters.

Characteristics of the Fenix TK collection

The Fenix TK-collection is comprised of tactical flashlights that can handle their own. They each have a powerful light beam. The controls are simple and easy to master. Many tactical flashlights have a momentary-on mode, including the lights from the Fenix TK collection. It is a practical light mode to quickly light up your surroundings if need be. Simply press the button (light turns on), keep it down (light stays on) and release (light turns off). Most flashlights from the Fenix TK-collection are enhanced with a stroboscope mode. This bright, flashing light mode is mostly used by police offers to disorientate a suspect by shining the light in his/her eyes during an arrest.