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Polarion: a headlight in your hand!


The South Korean company Polarion makes extremely bright spotlights. The Polarion HID lights are searchlights with an unprecedented high lumen, but which are easy to carry in your hand. The searchlight by Polarion is probably the brightest portable light in the world and is popular with a large group of professional users.

The HID spotlight is used for various applications. Polarion provides diving lights and underwater spotlights and regular HID lights. They are available in various strengths and with various types of batteries from knivesandtools.

Polarion for professional use

Polarion is used for different specific applications. At knivesandtools.co.uk we have sold Polarion lights for the following professional purposes: maritime operations, border and vehicle control, search operations, rescue missions, emergency situations, industrial inspections, use by harbour companies and warehouses, protection and surveillance, fauna management, fire brigade, use by police, diving and (underwater) filming.

Polarion HID spotlight

The term HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, or gas emission in plain English. It is a lighting technology where the traditional lamp with the wire in the reflector is replaced with a thick-walled quartz glass tube filled with noble gas and metal salts. Furthermore, a ballast or high tension transformer is used in a HID lamp which provides the necessary arc voltage at the correct voltage. This generates a flame arc between two electrodes in the glass tube, which temporarily makes the metal salts in the noble gas evaporate. As a result, they radiate light. The light output possible by using this technology is simply phenomenal. In the case of Polarion it can best be compared with the big lights of a medium category car.