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HDS Systems LED flashlights: the lights that get you home

HDS Systems are renowned in the world of flashlights. What makes these torches so special?

HDS Systems was founded in 1997 and they have been innovating ever since. HDS has always been on the forefront of technological development. They have created the first torch with over 10 light modes and a rotatable dimmer. One of the latest developments is a flashlight that can operate on its highest light output for two hours before it switches back to a lower mode. Many of their innovations have been copied other big brands.

When you use an HDS flashlight, you can feel the quality. They are extremely reliable, solid and will never let you down.

Build quality: resistant to vandalism

Many flashlights are decent in build, but HDS is really next-level! The ACME screw threads are ideal for torches because they are much sturdier than regular V-shaped threads. They have also added extra o-rings to their threads to keep moisture out. HDS puts extra effort in the entire build of their torches. Where regular flashlights will have internal components breaking off after a while, HDS torches will last a lifetime!

The only thing that can move inside the battery holder are the contact points. Because they have added springs, the battery is always firmly pressed against the contact points. The LED and other components inside the housing are firmly sealed in place. Everything is built extremely precise and therefore practically nothing can move or break. That's the reason they offer lifelong warranty.

Next to a proper build, the light output also matters. HDS only uses the clearest glass lenses, equipped with anti-reflection coating to minimize internal reflection. This way you hardly lose any light at all.

There are also many accessories and replacement parts. For example, you can replace the glass lenses for sapphire lenses, for better scratch resistance! Sapphire glass is mainly used in watches, but offers great protection for a flashlight as well. You don’t want your keys to scratch the lens when you carry it inside your pocket of course!

HDS-flashlights: created for and by enthusiasts

HDS goes furthest when it comes to optimizing torches. They can get a 40% higher light output out of a specific LED compared to their competition. Each LED is calibrated and the power usage individually regulated to get the most out of it. These torches often can get to a much higher output time than advertised.

Flashlight enthusiasts will be happy to hear that no 'Pulse Width Modulation' is used, but the LED is dimmed continuously in lower light output modes. As a result, these torches give a pleasant and quiet light even in very low light modes. HDS flashlights can go as low as 0.02 lumens without any difficulty. A unique algorithm prevents the light from discolouring at low lumen output.

HDS Rotary switch

HDS’s most famous feature is the amazing rotary switch. It has 24 different light output modes. The amount of modes is not exceptional, but how they are distributed is! Our eyes have trouble seeing small differences between output modes, unless the steps between them are the right distance. HDS flashlights always have a 1.5 increase or decrease which makes we view them all as separate steps. A true technological trait of these torches!

Not the cheapest around...

But totally their money’s worth! The HDS flashlights work so energy efficient you will save a lot on batteries. The great build quality and the energy efficiency makes these torches a solid financial choice when you want to buy a good torch for life!

Program it to your own preferences

It is clear we fancy these flashlights. The proverbial icing on the cake is that these torches can be programmed. All flashlights come with multiple presets. You can learn more from the extensive manual listed on the HDS website!