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Surefire: incredibly popular amongst professional flashlight users

Surefire flashlights are the standard when it comes to compact flashlights for professional use. The materials used and construction techniques guarantee years of trouble-free use in the most extreme situations. The Surefire lights offer you amazing light output and are perfectly constructed. It is for a reason that Surefire is the number one choice for government agencies worldwide.

Surefire flashlights offer you the best light without compromising

All non-rechargeable lights are waterproof up to 10 meters of depth and the light output is sublime. In addition to the incredibly bright light of the Surefire flashlights the quality of the beam is also high. Dark spots or rings in the light beam (as you often see with cheaper brands) are hardly traceable. The Surefire lights retrieve their power from the so-called 3 Volt Lithium batteries with high power. The Surefire batteries retain that power a lot longer than normal batteries. So even after a period of little use you can use them again.

The delivery times of Surefire products can vary considerably due to the high demand from the armed forces. At Knivesandtools Surefire is sold from stock, the delivery times are listed on the website.

Surefire accessories

Because of the professional use of the Surefire lights there are also many Surefire accessories for sale such as the Surefire holsters.