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Surefire holsters for tactical flashlights

Here you will find various holsters for your precious Surefire. Knivesandtools sells Surefire holsters made from polymer, heavy-duty woven nylon or classic sewn leather.

Nylon holsters are made from heavy-duty Cordura, enhanced with long flaps with a velcro closing and optionally equipped with a normal belt loop (fixed loop) or one with a quick-detach. Some models are enhanced with a belt clip.

Leather holster are made from premium cowhide with strong stitching that will last for years. Enhanced with an internal clamp construction that secures the Surefire flashlight without it needing a leather flap. You can easily take hold of and store the Surefire light.

Polymer holsters don't lose their shape, are impact resistant and enhanced with a metal clamping spring and an adjustable belt slot. Also easy to take hold of and store. Some lights can be placed with both the head facing up and down.