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Flashlights! We test all flashlights ourselves

Flashlights come in many different shapes and sizes. We understand that sometimes you can be ‘blinded’ by what you come across. When choosing a flashlight it is key to determine what you will use the flashlight for. As soon as you know that you can decide what a flashlight should adhere to. We have a wide range of flashlights that all have extensively been tested. Whether you are looking for an incredibly powerful beam, the perfect flashlight for outdoor, survival, at home or for hunting purposes, we have got you covered.

Rechargeable flashlights

Do you often use a flashlight? If you do it is wise to choose a rechargeable flashlight. Individual rechargeable batteries, for instance, or a battery that can be charged in the light. Rechargeable flashlights sometimes come with an external charging station. You could also choose a flashlight with an USB-port. As a result you can charge the flashlight with a power bank or laptop. A rechargeable flashlight is always ready to be used, if, of course, you charged it.