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Wüsthof rebranding: the same quality, with a new look and feel

The Wüsthof logo was transformed. It is now a lot more modern, befitting the twenty-first century. Combined with the new box and engraving on the blade the whole represents what Wüsthof stands for even better: top-quality kitchen knives!  The quality and decency didn't change, merely the design of the knives was updated.

The sticker on the handle was removed and replaced by a wear-resistant logo. The logo is made from the same material as the handle. As such you no longer have to worry about worn out logos on the handle!

In addition to the box and the logo, the engraving on the blade was updated. It is smaller and therefore radiates even more class.

Some things might have changed, the quality and the materials, fortunately didn't! You can still benefit from the excellent quality, but now you can also enjoy the beautiful new design! From 1 July, all Wüsthof knives will be delivered with the new design!

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