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Construction quality - Binoculars

It seems obvious that the optical quality of a pair of binoculars is the most essential consideration when purchasing a pair of binoculars. And of course it is indeed a very important factor. However, the mechanical construction quality is also of great importance. This also has a direct influence on the optical characteristics. (See 'Collimation').

It is also important that the binoculars are able to withstand a jolt or two. In addition to this, the binoculars should be protected against fogging up at the first sign of rain. The focus setting of binoculars also needs to be in sound mechanical working order so that it can both function efficiently and feel comfortable when being used.

Binoculars should also be sealed against dust as dust has an adverse effect on the image quality. And, what is more, you do not buy binoculars only to be able to use them in ideal circumstances but whenever you like.

You should also bear in mind that the durability of binoculars is determined by the construction quality of the binoculars and not the optical quality. The most common problem that occurs with binoculars is of a mechanical nature. Of course, the result could be an optical deterioration of the binoculars.

To put it in a nutshell, you should also pay careful attention to the construction quality when purchasing binoculars. The reputation of a brand and the warranty offered both give an indication of the quality of the binoculars. If a manufacturer is prepared to offer a long-term warranty on his products, then he obviously will not want to see all his binoculars being returned because they are faulty!

Our own brand of Eden Quality binoculars come with a standard warranty of 25 years.