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Line-up Knivesandtools employee: Desiree

Cooking and baking are two of my biggest hobbies. I own more than enough pans, oven dishes and baking tins. But that stunning and good kitchen knives existed wasn't something I knew. Until I started working for Knivesandtools! I immediately fell in love with the Eden Classic Damast knives and purchased the complete set! Today they are showing off on my counter top in the matching knife block. I use them every single day.

Eden Classic Damast chef's knife

I use the Eden Classic Damast chef's knife most. This knife is perfect for dicing zucchini, eggplant, tomato or any other vegetable. But also when finely cutting chives and parsley for homemade herb butter I use this knife. Because of the rounded blade I can quickly cut herbs. It is my absolute favourite knife!

Eden Classic Damast bread knife

As my freshly baked bread comes out of the oven the first thing I want to do is try a piece. However, cutting a warm loaf of bread is not that easy. With the Eden bread knife, however, it truly is! Without ever crushing the bread. But that is not all! I also use the knife to cut pies with a hard crust or types of fruit with a hard skin, such as melon or pineapple.

Eden Classic Damast carving knife

This knife is perfect when cutting chicken or beef. However, don't underestimate this Eden carving knife when you take a large piece of meat such as a ham, or a roast beef out of the oven. Because of the thin edge you can easily cut slices of meat.

Eden Classic Damast paring knife

Many recipes ask for onions and garlic. For the finer peeling and cutting tasks I use my Eden paring knife. This knife is also great when peeling vegetables and fruit or cutting an apple into pieces. It is an incredibly versatile knife.

Kai Shun Premier Tim Mälzer Santoku

After all these years in the kitchen knife world there is, of course, one knife that is still on my wish list: a Kai Santoku. And then specifically the Santoku from the Tim Mälzer collection. The hammered blade and the handle made from walnut wood look absolutely amazing.

Expert Knivesandtools: Desiree

Every weekend I spend at least one afternoon in the kitchen. Baking bread, pies and pastries is what I love to do most. But I can also really appreciate homemade paella, or a nice piece of meat from the BBQ. My favourite recipe? Pizzas made on the BBQ. With homemade dough and pizza sauce of course.